[ Tuesday , June 3 , 2008 ]

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"a #$%#@ing Date!"

If I'm good at anything, its running a joke into the ground.  But this is the last time I swear!  I promise... okay maybe once more.  ha ha.  I kid.  Actually I had a lot of fun on this one, its one of my initiatives to actually draw more in action sequences.  And the super hero RPG they are going to be playing... well there's a lot of action for me to draw.  Good practice if anything.

So I know, why is this late?  Well my excuse is actually also a premonition.  Over at the CG forums, K-DAWG has started a challenge for everyone, do a 5-10 page comic before the end of June.  So I thought... this looks fun.  So I been hard at work coming up with an idea and scripting out a story.  So I got so carried away with this I forgot to actually finish my comic.  Actually I was doing over time on monday at work, when a friend asked me "hey Phact when are you updating decypher?"  so yeah... sorry about that.  So yeah, I'm working on a mini-comic project in June.  And so look for a few missed updates.  the next strip is a color one, which only ads to the time it takes to finish one.  But I'm going to attempt to do the mini comic and also squeeze out two updates in June... yeah I know two... but what can I say.  This mini-comic thing looks like a lot of fun.  Even if its probably going to kill me, I'm a slow artist after all.

At anyrate, I'll link the comic in July... if I succeed if not link it when ever I finish it.  Its going to be kinda raw though.  I'm inking but not doing any of the toning or shading like I do on decypher.  if you've ever seen my "thats a Phact" comics its gonna be like those... only not so sketchy.

At anyrate... we'll be getting back to this full tilt soon.  just nod and smile and dream of the awesomeness of my mini-comic project.  and hopefully I'll be back in the midterm with the next update.





BAND: Against Me!
New Wave
July 2007
Sire Records

I been listening to these guys for years.   Actually I got exposed to the members from a band out of Atlanta Called the Devil's Hills.  And I swear every time I hear these guys they get better and better.

The new album, is no exception, and with tracks like Signals over FM, Americans Abroad, and White people for peace, panels just seem to fly by... or I pause to do a drum roll with my mechanical pencil!  

At any rate if your a fan fast,  pure punk RAWK, you should check out the new album.  The production is very glossy, but somehow the raw intensity of these guys still manages to come on through the pores.

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