These are sites... that I give two thumbs up for.. and that I hope add to the viewing experience of Decypher

Webcomics (I currently read):
Which of course changes from time to time-- I don't really read to many comics on a regular basis.  But the ones I do are listed here. 

The Asylumaniacs
This is a great little weekly comic about a ghosts, workers and of course the patients of an Asylum. Check it out I'm horriably addicted
Added On:   09.2004

Grim Tales from Below

Well since Powerpuff girls ended, I decided to trade the link to the new projet that Bleedman is doing, in the same sort of cartoon fan comic thing he did with PPG.  Course this one I'm liking even better since its staring characters from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy..
Added On:   01.2005

Star Bored
If you like sci-fi cult phenomenoms, like Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Ship Troopers, Aliens, and all the others bits then you definantly be checking out this parady en masse, by Bob Oosterwijik
Added On:   10.2005

The Storm COrps
I've actually been following this comic on and off for a while now, but never added it to my links before.  Its a sci-fi graphic-novel style comic about the politics and world of a future earth where mankind has some control over the weather.
Added On:   10.2005

Vigilante Ho!

A western themed Webcomic, about a female vigilantee, taking law into her own hands.  Matched with an interesting color style, and an accute sense of background skills this comic is definatly captivating, from the story telling of the likely hero, all the way down to the great supporting cast.  I don't read to many serious comics but this one should be on everyone's read list.
Added On:   01.2005

Other Websites :

I'm sure we all know what this is. If not click on it and check out the guide for tons of the great comics
Added On:   01.2004

Live Journal (Phact0rri's)
I have tried Blogs a few times and they never have worked out.  But right now as things are getting a bit hectic I've decided to start updating again.  If only  to let people know whats going on.  The Blog features tid bits about the Webcomic like how far I am along on a current strip, whats coming  up plot wise (sometimes) and if there are anything that happen that will not allow the webcomic to come up.  Also if you want to get a glimpse in my tragic life, and well there's also the  place I post new music information, new art work.. and when I get around to update the homepage and stuff.    Yeah if you feel the need to keep current check it out.
Added On:   03.2005

Old City Java
This comic, draws a lot of inspiration from my local scene, and the coffee shop where I find myself sketching, as well as where the inspirations for a lot of what goes on in the cafe. Though you won't find Joe and Monika running the front counters, (*thank the gawds*) Robbie and Renee do a great job running this place.
Added On:   04.2004

Online Comics

This is a directory of Online Comics, where you can browse thousands of webcomics in one listing. It helps one find a lot of comics they might other wise never realized have existed. By using the directory search you can also cut out a lot of the genres your not interested and go rigth to the pay dirt..
Added On:   05.2004

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