Fan Werk
Fan Werks

Like all web comics there is enough artwork to go around. So finally I've gotten off my lazy arse to actual put up a page for it. Between Cameos, fan art for Decypher, and my fan work for others web comics. This page shall be full I'm sure.

Decypher Fan Arts


by Ruxen

by: Kris X

Joe Jones
by: Michael Brockway
History Cosplay
by Tim Volpe

 Josie by NJ Huff

Joe Jones
by: Michael Brockway


by: AOD


Joe Jones
by: Srdjan Achimovich

 Josie (female Joe)
By NJ Huffy

Decypher Guest Strips

While I don't have to many of these at the moment. Every once in a while, people will give me guest strips.. You know strips drawn by other artists. Gives me some time off and its fun to see the strip drawn and written by someone other than myself.


Pimpette Suprise!
by Pimpette


A First year Gift
by: Gloria H Manderfeld
April Fools 2004
by: Simon Shepard


Sending Fan Art

I should really get to making the FAQ for this page, but at current I don't have enough information to really use one. So all the fun little tid bits of information can go at the bottom of other pages. Instead of in one place for it. Hope the stuff isn't to hard to find.. any haps.. if you want to draw/have drawn fan arts, Guest Strips or anything else and would like to get those to me, I prefer to have it sent by E-mail. The feedback button on the top of the page has my e-mail adress so just click that and get your art sent.. please send as an attachment. There are however a few things that will make my life easier.. if you want to send fan art and so I'll list those things now.

1> Your name (it can be a pen name or handle if you prefer)

2> The title of the piece (you don't need to title it but if ya want to, not get a jazzed up title by me add that)

3> A URL or E-mail adress (if your a webcomic artist, or have a home page, be sure to include that so that I can link you, from this page)

It usually takes me a week or two to update this page, but when its recieved I tend to write back to the people who have sent somthing to let them know I have recieved it.


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