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The Cast

The Cast of Decypher, is an ever growing list of employees and regulars who appear in the strip, as more characters are introduced and given history and connections to the cafe they will appear here. Currently the main cast is still small. This section has been requested a few times so people can get a feeling of the characters and thier back stories.

Joe Jones
The Co-owner of the Grind Cafe, and the life blood of the cafe. Joe has a passion for the cafe, as its his dream. Joe use to be full owner of the cafe until fell on bad times and he had to close the shop down. That was until he met Monika and she allowed him to reopen with them as joint owners. The Grind Cafe had to change though. Had to be a success. So Joe began to rein vision the cafe with the help of Monika. And this story began.

Joe comes from a long line of Welsh Druids, and he himself is a modern-day mage of sorts. The secret cafe blend is of course his doing. And though no one realizes it now. Joe's secret blend of coffee is more than meets the eyes.

Matt Thomas
Back when Joe ran the grind, before he ran into fiance issues, Matt Thomas was the assistant Manager, so when Joe was looking for a new employee Matt was his first choice. Guitarist in a local Indie Punk band "Attach" he seemed to be the only member of the Grind Staff who has any sort of life outside of the cafe. But thats not saying much sense the cafe staff contains a work-aholic, an android and well Monika.

The other half of the owner team of the Grind Cafe is the polar opposite of Joe. Where Joe is always hard at work Monika usually slacks off. Her origins are a mystery such are why she has no last name. Even her ID has just a first name with no last name. Monika is a wealthy young woman though and figures that with the money she's putting into the place why work.

Though Monika too needs this place to succeed. Though she has a different reason for it all together. Though she seems to not give much about the grind she actually cares a lot about the cafe, and she shows it in her own way. which usually isn't what others are expecting.

The first employee to be hired after the reopening, he definatly has a lot of ambition but little else. Not knowing the first thing about cafes, or the food industry, he has to be shown each small thing. Though when told once he takes it to memory. The reason is he is Synthetic Life Android Version Edward, model who was progammed for war. Exactly what allowed him to first contact Monika, and how she knows him is a mystery. Like Monika, Stryker's past is unknown, only that he has been living on a space ship, and Monika contacted him there. Is monika the owner of the ship? And what about Strkers war programming?

Little is known as of yet, but he's always trying and ready to work, perhaps his need to be human. Maybe its somthing else. Only the future will tell.

Vaughn Simons
The heir to a large toy conglomerate-- and son to a famous scientist, Vaughn appears not to have inherited anything but money. He tends to spend his time rather naively and usually catch phrases and cliche refrences seem to be all that comes out of his mouth. He is however an attending student at a local university, and supposedly matched with a genius level IQ, however we have yet to see proof of either of these things. He tends to spend a lot of time at The Grind, and randomly popping up to say somthing that makes little to no sense. To his credit however he was the Grind's first customer and as of yet, the only regular customer to appear.


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