The Story thus far...

This is a quick rundown of the story of Decypher so far. It's design is so people who don't want to read every strip, or if some of the strips or elements confuse them. As time goes on this page will grow in length. Keep in mind if your reading the back strips this section can and will contain spoilers. So read at your own risk.

The Prelude (or implied facts that were never drawn)
Joe Jones, ran The Grind Cafe from time he was 25, until just a year ago, when sales and traffic slumped to a crawl and he was force to shut the place down, Joe loved The Grind and what it brought to him, so when a strange woman named Monika came to his aid six months ago telling him she'd like to reopen the Grind in a partnership with him. Joe still didn't have to much money, but he figured if she could reclaim the property he'd sell his house and go into business with her. So the two of them agreed, and together they started to rebuild the cafe, making the place a bit more jiving. As they worked on making the place rock, there were rumors among the city that it was coming back. People couldn't wait.

The Grand Opening
The strip starts as we see Joe hanging up the Now open sign with a hammer and nails [this is implied a bit about his "old fashion" type of character]. Monika looks at him wondering what he is doing [we assume that Monika does no work from the start as labor is a strange concept to her]. The story continues as Monika and Joe realize no one is coming to the coffee shop. They begin to wonder what they could of done wrong racking their brains. A fly makes an appearance [to show, that they really are quite dead]. Finally we see that they forgot to turn the now open sign on. As we look out the window there's a ton of people waiting for the grind to open. As the door is opened Monika is trampled by a ton of the would-be costumers. The first arc ends on a sour note, as the first regular Timothy, asks Joe about his partner, and we see that Monika is definitely basking in the success.

Enter Stryker
So with the success, of the Daily Grind with more buisness than two of them can handle, Monika brings up her "friend" Stryker. Joe had ideas of rehiring his old employee Matt, and another Monika he didn't need in the shop. Thought after Monika lets Joe in on the fact Stryker's and Android he can see the possibilites. So Joe comes up with a comprimise involving dividing the one shift into two, and they can hire both Stryker and Matt. Stryker is the first to be contacted, while he's sleeping on his ship, and gets pulled out of his game of Ragnarok Online (sound Familar?) and makes his way to the Cafe. Meanwhile Joe takes the front. As soon as Strkyer steps foot in the door Monika rushes of to make a new scheduale while Joe trains the newly reactivated Android the ins and outs of the Grind.

Old School Redux
With the first day coming to a close, and with Stryker already gettin to buisness, Joe calls up his old employee Matt and asks him to come back to work. Matt's a little hesitant, at first until Joe speaks of how diffrent things are and how the entire coffee shop has been transformed, and even he has become not so much like he use to be. So of Course Matt joins the Staff. Even while Matt is getting hired Stryker and Monika have gotten a strange order and go to make it, only to find out that the cabniets have all sorts of strange items inside. Monika questions this, and Joe informs her-- he is a druid. Not soon after this stunning revolation the place slows to a crawl. Joe tells Monika, that she can go ahead and let Stryker go home. After a big to-do Stryker finally clocks out-- after he has a chat with the time clock. From there, Joe and Monika close the shop, and another day at the cafe comes to a close.

and of course like always... this story continues.



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