The So you get confused by the weird links on the main pages? well this should straighten them all out for you. This archive is a list from the start to the end of it so far. all nicely organized in easy to swallow numbers.

Past Decypher Updates

Fillers & Specials
The Teaser- This is the first glimpse of three of the characters from the comic.
00x01- "April Fool's 2004"- Simon from netrek gives Stryker a friend
00x02- "Historical Pairings Event"- Fuchica (of Alternate Delusions) and strker pose as bonnie and Clyde
"Guest Comic 2- This comic was drawn by Gloria M for Decypher's year B-Day
Guest Comic 3- This comic was Drawn by Laurel (Pimpette) for Decypher's First year B-Day
Guest Comic 4- Ian Anderson drew this guest strip of laser eyes Stryker.
Guest Comic 5- The Losers take over the comic for a page.
Skull Show One" - Meet Righto and lefto!
Skullshow Two" - Listen to them debate monika's evils
Skull Show Three" - Lefto admits that he is begining to like his life
Xmas 2004" - Just a filler pinup with Stryker pondering a way to trick Santa
Xmas 2005" - Just a filler pinup with Monika and Joe dressed up as Mister and misses Claus

Grand Opening
1x01- "Wages and Slaves" - this is the first strip where we are introduced to Joe and Monika and Joe's big sign
1x02- "No Rest for Slackers" - This strip continues us getting to know Joe and Monika and thier empty Cafe
1x03- "The first patron" - In this strip we meet the first customer to come into the cafe. shh! its a suprise!
1x04- "It's Where you Look" - in the first Decypher-remixed, we see why for the past few strips, it'd been so slow
1x05- "Charma- Chameleon"- in the first storyline's conclusion we meet Tim for the first time.

Enter: Stryker
2x01- "Calm"- Finally after the busy rush Monika and Joe sit down and begin the chat of how to hire employees.
2x02- "S.L.A.V.Es"- In this strip, Monika and Joe have a conversations about how morally wrong slaves are.
2x03- "Copywrite" - Joe asks more about this S.L.A.V.E ... and Tim makes an apperance
2x04- "Flow Chart"- Joe has an idea how he and monika can both get what they want.
2x05-"reboot" - Stryker makes his debute aboard Monika's ship
2x06- "Secret Weapon"- Cal from Vapor Lock Guest stars.
2x07- "The Entrance" - Finally Stryker enters the cafe.
2x08- "Walking In" - First view of the office area as Monika works on her 'ultimate' schedule.
2x09- "Caffine Tutorial" - Alone to watch the counter, Styrker meets the galactic Bounty hunter Isahn from Night & Day
2x10- "Scheduale Making" - Joe and Monika, discuss schedules and Stryker
2x11- "Pre-Test" - Stryker proves he can pour one mean cup o' coffee. Guest Staring Isahn from Night and Day
2x12- "Tour Au Grind" - Joe Treats Stryker to a grand tour of The Grind
2x13- "Taking Control " - Stryker serves his first customer after the tour given by Joe
2x14- "A Job " - In the conclusion of the storyline Joe gets a face full of pain, guest Staring Pimpette

Old School Redux
3x01- "Ross V.S. G4"- We move to the apartment Matt lives in for the very first glimpse of him and his roommate.
3x02-"Policy Scars "- A chat between Monika and Joe about shop policy
3x03- "Animal (coffee) house- Monika telling Joe her feelings about pets in store
3x04- "the O G"- Matt and Jay talk about SxE politics
3x05- "Phone Calls"- Joe offers matt a job over the phone.
3x06- "Monsters & Java"- Stryker takes the Register, and Comshaw from Mansion of e Guest Stars!
3x07- "Cubards"- Monika shows Stryker where Joe keeps the stuff.
3x08- "Witches"- Stryker explains to Monika about the goddess.
3x09- "The Begging"- Phone conversation between Matt and Joe.
3x10- "Disruption"- Continuing the phone conversation between Matt and Joe.. Joe senses a problem
3x11- "Taste Testing "- Monika and Stryker have created... somthing
3x12- "Concoction"- Monika and Strykers creation Backfires
3x13- "Monsters & Java Pt 2"- Comshaw wants retrobution!
3x14- "of Caffine and Magick"- joe unveils his SECRET!
3x15- "What is It?"- Monika and Joe Continue Thier Heart to Heart
3x16- "Why Go Home?"- Joe tells Monika Stryker can go home
3x17- "Parking Meters"- Monika tells Stryker he can home
3x18- "Us Machines"- Stryker has a chat with the time Clock
3x19- "Last Call"- Vaughn Tells Joe he needs beer

Roll Them Bones
4x01- "War Stories"- Matt quizes a customer on why he's been in the cafe so long
4x02- "Dice R Kewl"- Len Informs Matt, that Dice based games are "real" RPGs.
4x03- "Come Back Attack"- Matt Throws out a good one.. not really.
4x04- "Introductions"- Matt Meets Monika
4x05- "Over Use"- Dennis wants to know what's up with his buddy Len
4x06- "A Chat"- Len and Dennis Continue thier Chat
4x07- "A Line Drawn"- Len has had enough!
4x08- "Take a Step"- The Challenge has began
4x09- "Lost in Translation"- Matt is totally clueless.
4x09- "Game's Honour"- Ouch.  that had to hurt
4x10- "Game Off!"- Len and Dennis explain the game off
4x11- "Spookah!"- The Spooky kid from Risen guest stars in this strip
4x12- "Beeps & Squeaks"- Stryker sits in a park with a friend
4x13- "F33r da threat"- Stryker sits in a park with a friend
4x14- "Another Plan"- Joe mentions he has a plan, for Matt's delima
4x15- "Revisted"- Joe travels to the office to chat with Monika
4x16- "Office Space"- Joe lays the plan down for monika
4x17- "Telling Him"- Vaugh begins to let Matt in on a plan
4x18- "Telling Him pt2"- Vaugh continues to let Matt in on a plan
4x19- "Office Space pt2"- Joe brings his plan home
4x20- "Telling Him pt3"- Vaughn informs Matt how to enter Godmode has little to do with him.
4x21- "finder's keepers"- Stryker and matt finally meet
4x22- "Digital love"- Matt wonders what is up with the funky scheduale
4x23- "Android humor"- Vaughn tells Matt Stryker is an android
4x24- "Another Joe-ism"- Once again Joe speaks without thinking
4x25- "Digital Love pt2"- Stryker confronts the time clock
4x26- "Drat"- Monika finds out Stryker has agreed to help out Joe's little plan
4x27- "Drat pt2"- Course Stryker was informed by a third party.
4x28- "big line"- The Grind is Slammed!
4x29- "Overtime"- Matt uses his secret weapon.
4x30- "WCD"- Joe asks anoither question
4x31- "team is forged"- Matt and Stryker finally agree to work together.
4x32- "No Jazz"- Joe begins the crash course in Role-playing
4x33- "HP"- Stryker and Matt work on filling out thier character sheets
4x34- "Variations on a Theme"- During Roll up, Matt gets Parcheezy.  What ever that is.
4x35- "incompatible"- The characters are finally introduced
4x36- "The Towne of Waite"- The Run through Dungeons and Dragon's game begins
4x37- "The Big entrance"-  an Elf and and an Orc enter a bar..
4x38- "Bulls Rush In"- A merchant tells the duo that he's looking for adventurers.
4x39- "between a rock"-  Joe Makes a time out.
4x40- "Looks can be decieving"-  The orc and the elf enter the cave
4x41- "Standing Around pt 1"-  Monika terrorizes Vaughn


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